LED Make Up Mirror Light
LED Make Up Mirror Light
LED Make Up Mirror Light
LED Make Up Mirror Light
LED Make Up Mirror Light
LED Make Up Mirror Light

LED Make Up Mirror Light

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1. USB port, lamps and power supply can be connected through USB in various ways, such as laptop, mobile power supply, power socket, etc., which is very convenient to use.

2. Adjust the brightness. The brightness can be adjusted from light to dark and from dark to light as needed.

3. Equipped with memory function, record the last lighting mode when using, and the lighting mode is the same when using again.

4. The maximum distance between the two bulbs is about20cm, which makes it suitable for most mirrors.

5. Double-sided adhesive tape and a suction cup are provided. The lamp can be glued directly and quickly pasted into the mirror with a ribbon or suction cup.

6. DC 5V input voltage, safe use.

7. Good cooling effect, energy-saving, and long service life.

8. Soft light, high light efficiency, no heat radiation, no flicker, no blemish, protect eyes and provide professional cosmetic lighting.


Product name: Makeup mirror filling lamp

Product power : 1W (10 PCS 10W)

Bulb count: 10

Adaptive power supply: 5V2A(factory does not have a power supply, please customize)

Length of power cord: 2 meters

Light source type: LED

Packing specification: 290* 110* 65mm

Color temperature: 3000K~6500K three gears adjustable

Material: ABS + PC

Brightness: 10 gears adjustable

Installation: double-sided adhesive installation

Bulb size: 45mm* 45mm* 49mm

Package Content :

1*LED Makeup Mirror Light Bulb